Become a member, learn more about your community league and get involved. The best way to create the type of community you want to live in, is to get active and get engaged with your neighbors and with your league.

I grew up in a small rural area and knew all of my neighbors. I look at community leagues as providing that small town feel in the big city. [The league] is a way for people to get out and get to know each other.

Membership Benefits

All community league members in Edmonton have the following benefits:

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Jasper Park exclusive benefits and programs

Great way to meet neighbors & make friends. Especially valuable for new residents! 

Membership Types and Fees

There are 3 types of memberships:

Please note, that membership fees cover only 1% of our hall, rink, and program operating costs. We rely on volunteers to support bingo and casino events.

How to Buy A Membership

There a few steps to get your membership:

1) Purchase Online: at this link using credit card and you get your community league membership card immediately.

2) Register with our Memberships Director: Please use the Membership Form to provide your basic information to us. You can also email We will try to respond within 1 week to arrange skate tags, etc.

3) Subscribe to our News: go to our News page to subscribe to our newsletter and join us on Facebook and Nextdoor