Welcome to Jasper Park Community League

We welcome all new and long-time residents of Jasper Park to be part of our local community league. We are not a business, we are a non-profit community organization operated by volunteers (your neighbors) driven to improve the neighborhood we live in.

We care about our community, its development, our residents, and the relationships that we sow to build a great neighborhood! The purpose of Jasper Park Community League (JPCL) is to enhance and provide opportunities for neighbors to meet, be informed, and get involved.

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What does the community league do?

The league is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors, residents like you, supporting the following:

  • Social Events - we host events for your family to enjoy and opportunities to meet your neighbors. This includes the September BBQ & membership drive, Halloween Party, Christmas Potluck, Pancake Breakfast, and more at the hall.

  • Sports & Programming - we arrange local fitness programs and sports such as gymnastics, ping pong, pickleball, and more at the hall.

  • Outdoor Ice and Basketball Courts - boasting one of the only outdoor rinks with Zamboni groomed ice!

  • Rentals & Facilities - rent the main hall, kitchen, boardroom, games room, lounge or rink for your own events. Exclusive to Jasper Park residents with active JPCL membership.

  • Civics - we monitor housing and other developments in and around our neighborhood to ensure they align with the JPCL vision of growing families and neighborhood pride. We represent the voice of Jasper Park to the City of Edmonton planning & development office and builders.

  • Neighborhood Watch - we liaise between the police service and residents in raising awareness for crime prevention.

  • Fundraising - we operate as a non-profit and our primary funding sources are bingo & casinos. Membership fees cover less than 1% of our operating costs. By volunteering, you help support social events, programs, hall maintenance, Zamboni maintenance, ice rink, and the playground.

  • Memberships - helping residents obtain a JPCL membership and benefit from discounts at City of Edmonton recreation centers, register for soccer, participating business discounts, and some exclusive programs just for our residents.

  • Community News - sharing with residents, members, and local businesses what is happening within Jasper Park, Calendar, issues affecting us, and the information above.

When you see the yellow newsletter in your mailbox, it's your neighbors!

Why Neighborhoods Matter

"There are many ways that neighbors can enrich our lives, but we have to get to know them."

"All our resources are finite; if somebody is baking a cake at night and sends their spouse to the supermarket to buy a bottle of vanilla, that’s just wasteful. Better to borrow the vanilla, or a cup of sugar, or lawn equipment.”

“We’re all mortal, we’re all subject to emergencies, there are times when a friend even ten minutes away is too far away.”

“A good neighbor is somebody who is willing to be at least a little dependent on each other … to have each others’ backs.”

Without knowing our neighbors, we miss out on all sorts of ways in which they could enrich our lives. Drawing on his experiences getting to know his neighbors, Peter Lovenheim talks about why we need each other.

View the entire story and video at: zocalopublicsquare.org